120x90cm Glass canopy - Canopy - VSG - Canopy door - incl. Stainless steel holder


Glass canopy VD120 is hung with tension struts

A canopy Series VD120 is flexible to assemble, since it has a point-fastening. From above, the glass is held in place by stainless steel tie rods quality. From bottom, bear the wall glass holder, made of stainless steel, the glass. This design enables the glass-canopy VD120 is even good to use when site a deep-seated window, ledge, or an advertising sign must be considered.

Subtle aesthetics at the glass roof VD120

The glass roof VD120 has a timeless, classic aesthetics. It goes well with any fašade architecture and fits effortlessly into the front door look. The high proportion of glass gives this glass canopy a light, elegant look. Due to the weather-resistant materiaSB glass and stainless steel roof for proper cleaning and care even after many years is still beautiful.

Heat-strengthened glass in the composite (VSG)

Badland.eu offers all glass canopy systems made of high quality laminated glass at (VSG).

Stainless steel fastening set

The mounting set is made of solid stainless steel. A set consists of tie bar, wall-glass holder, glass-rod-holder and wall-rod holder. The number of required holding sets for your glass canopy VD120 is automatically displayed in the quoting and online.

When glass canopy system VD1502 we offer a

Width: 1200mm
Depth: 900mm
Thickness: 13mm
Bracket: 2 Trade
TYPE: VSG laminated safety glass


309,00 EUR, 19 % VAT incl.excl. Shipping costs